arch. Bálint KÁDÁR PhD

Architect, urban scholar and planner, he got an MSc in Architecture degree in 2003 with diploma prize and a PhD degree in 2015 with his dissertation entitled: Pedestrian space usage of tourist-historic cities – comparing the tourist space systems of Vienna and Prague to Budapest”. He is teaching and doing research as associate professor at the department of Urban Planning and Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, his research focuses on the spatial development of urban spaces and urban tourism in European cities, and on the usage of user generated digital content in urban research. He also teaches the rehabilitation of historic urban centres, tactical urbanism and participatory design.

He leads several transnational projects, like the DANUrB interreg project connecting medium size towns from 7 countries by the understanding of their common heritage along the Danube.

He runs his architecture studios, involved in works from building design (in Opinion Builders Ltd) to urban development concepts (in ADI Studio Ltd), participating in exhibitions and competitions. On the other hand, he is activist in architectural NGOs since 2000, organising conferences, workshops and social events. Today he is president of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK, www.kek.org.hu), and member of the Foreign Affairs committee of the Association of Hungarian Architects (AHA – MÉSZ).


arch. Massimo Maria BRIGNOLI PhD

Architect and urban designer, he got a MSc in Architecture in 2000 and a PhD in 2007 both from Politecnico di Milano, with final dissertation entitled: Street Design in the United States. An open issue between Engineering, City Planning and Urban Design.

He has been visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley in 2005 and took part in several national and international workshops and competitions.

Since 2008/2009 he teaches as Adjoint Professor of Urban Design at the Dastu – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies – of the Politecnico di Milano.

On a parallel path, for almost fifteen years, he worked as a project architect for some prestigious Italian firms, developing specific skills in Project Management, by leading medium to large-scale multidisciplinary projects in Europe (Italy and France) and in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai).

Since 2009 he is founding partner of AUS architetti, - an architecture firm specialized in building and urban design that works both for the public administration and the private sector.





Учил и завършил Архитектура в София през 1978 година.  Оттогава е практикуващ архитект и преподавател.

Вгледан в традиционната архитектура и урбанизъм. 

Създател и член на организации за опазване на архитектурното наследство в Балчик и Варна. Лектор, организатор на работилници , изложби и пленери. Участва в местни и международни конкурси и архитектурни събития.


арх. Ает Адер – Естония
арх. Владимир Попов
арх. Красимир Пампоров
арх. Иван Димчев
арх. Теодор Тодоров
арх. Мартин Христов – резервен член
арх. Димитър Стефанов – резервен член


Напредък на Община Добрич по реализацията на Национална Програма за Енергийна ефективност на многофамилни жилищни сгради


Към 20 август  2019г. Община град Добрич има сключени общо 41 договора за целево финансиране по Програмата между  Общината, Българска банка за развитие и Областна управа, като за  всички сключени...

Напредък на Община Добрич по реализацията на Национална Програма за Енергийна ефективност на многофамилни жилищни сгради
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