Customer’s Charter

The Municipal administration Dobrich, at implementing its activities is lead by the principles of legality, bleakness, accessibility, independence, responsibility, coordination, guarantee of the interests of the population and the administration.

Lead by the willingness to provide the best possible service to our customers as well as to win their trust, we established a Service and information center and undertook a series of actions to enforce the European standards in the services.

Following these principles and standards, we propose at your attention the present Customer's charter, which introduces to you the main rules for the administrative service in the Municipality.

The main objectives we put to us are:

  • To provide each customer impartially with information related to our activities and services done by the Service and information center;
  • The services to our customers to be executed by helpful, polite, honest and responsible officials;
  • The administrative services for the customers should provide opportunities for choice through different channels and assuagement of the procedures;
  • To encourage our customers to express their opinions about the services they obtain from us;
  • To work together with other institutions to provide improved and integrated services;
  • To counteract the corruption possibilities as well as the possibilities for corruption accusations.

To achieve these objectives we are obliged:

  • To treat the citizens with attention and respect and to esteem their personal dignity;
  • To treat equally the customers at their access to services and information no matter what is their sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, education, convictions, age, family status and any other characteristics;
  • To be professionals and to solve the problems competently and with the respective responsibility as well as to provide the asked services;
  • To answer the asked questions as well as to provide the needed services in time;
  • To consult the customers about all opportunities and following activities at providing the service - prices, terms, decisions, objections, complaints etc.;
  • To analyze the obtained feedback information and to undertake the necessary activities to improve the quality of the services provided.
    In return we expect from our Customers:
  • To respect the officials who attend them; 
  • To provide full and exact information necessary to obtain the relevant service;
  • To choose the way of submission of the application for the services among the opportunities we provide;
  • To address their complaints and signals for bad or incompetent administration and service;
  • To express their opinions, proposals and comments freely in order to improve the quality of services.

Our Customers can contact us and obtain the needed information by:

  • Visiting us or writing to the following address: Dobrich, 12, Bulgaria Str., Dobrich Municipality, Service and information center;
  • Making a complaint or submitting a signal to the address of the Municipality or in person to the Work place "Proposals, complaints" with the Service and information center;
  • Information and services can be obtained every working day between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. The lunch break is between 12.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.;
  • The citizens can be consulted and orientated for solution of their problems at all public phones of Dobrich Municipality;
  • Details about the administrative services we provide via Internet: The customers can find online services and information here as well;
  • Services and information about the municipal activities are provided also in the remote quarters of the city - "Balik", "Riltsi" and "Russia" at the counters for payment of electricity and water managed by "Information services" Ltd. - branch Dobrich.

If the customers have complaints, we would like to know about that. Our procedure is clear and easily accessible.

Upon a complaint against illegal or incorrect or activities arousing suspicion about corruption or inaction on behalf of the municipal officials, we will conduct an examination and will answer in writing within a month. If we can not answer within the given term, we will notify in writing the claimant about the reasons or the necessary additional activities as well as about the final term for the answer.

It is important to know:

  • Anonymous signals and complaints are not considered except of the cases when the problem endangers the health and the safety of the citizens;
  • Municipal administration reserves the right not to answer questions, signals and complaints, which contain obscene expression, unmotivated insulations, which lower the prestige of the institution;
  • Municipal administration has no right to answer questions related to protection of personal data and classified information;
  • The present Charter has been approved by the Mayor of the Municipality on June 27, 2005.