Dobrich Municipality boasts 25 sports clubs which provide training and organize sports competition in 15 different sports.

The bigger part of the sports facilities is managed by Sportni Imoti (a sole owner joint stock company). The company can be contacted on: +359 58 602 001 / +359 58 604 405.

  • Prostor Outdoor Sports Complex (No. 1, 25th September blvd.) - tennis courts, basketball, football, volleyball, and handball pitches;
  • Dobrotitsa Sports Complex (25th September blvd; Tel: +359 58 602 419) - 800-seat sports hall, 500-seat athletic track, exercise hall;
  • Rusalka Sports Complex (No. 1, General Kolev Street; Tel: +359 58 603 426) - sports hall, volleyball, basketball and handball pitches, two exercise halls, halls for gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, and martial arts;
  • Rabotnik Sports Hall (in the industrial area) - tennis court, volleyball and handball pitch;
  • Two training football pitches in the town park
  • Chess club (No. 10, 25th September blvd);
  • Mladost Sports Complex (in the town park) - weightlifting hall and four tennis courts;

Druzhba Stadium (in the town park) - stadium and training pitches.