Cultural Institutions


Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra - Dobrich
Tel: +359 58 603 349

     Български камерен оркестър град Добрич
     The Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra of Dobrich was founded in 1968, and since then it has become one of the leading chamber orchestras in Bulgaria. It has recorded pieces for the Bulgarian National Radio, Radio France Internationale, and the Swedish National Radio.
The orchestra has done a number of tours - Romania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, the Canary Islands, Japan, and South Korea.
The orchestra performs musical works from baroque music to modern genres.


Brass Orchestra - Dobrich
Stoyan Monov - Conductor
Tel: +359 58 601 888

     Духов оркестър
The orchestra was founded in 1963. In the last few years it has regularly performed in Albena Resort. The orchestra has toured in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, former Yugoslavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, etc. It is a member of the European Brass Orchestra Association.

The band has won several first prizes at national brass music competitions. Ivan Stoyanov conducted the orchestra until 1993. Since then it has been led by the conductor Stoyan Monov.


Zahari Mednikarov Children's Choir - Dobrich

Teodora Sotirova, Rositsa Durmushliyska - Conductors
No. 7, Slavyanska Street
Dobrich 9300
Tel: +359 58 602 477
Fax: +359 58 777 444

     The children's choir was founded in 1961 by Maestro Zahari Mednikarov. It has won the following awards: gold medals and award certificates at all national art festivals, first prize at the 10th international May choral festival in Varna, two first prizes at the international polyphonic music competition in Arezzo, Italy, first prize and special prize at the 24th European youth music festival in Neerpelt, Belgium, and first prize at the BBC choral competition.
The choir has done successful tours of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Venezuela, etc.

Dobrudzhanski Zvutsi Choir (Sounds of Dobrudzha Choir)

Elvira Pastarmadzhieva, Rositsa Durmushliyska - Conductors
No. 7, Slavyanska Street
Dobrich 9300
Tel: +359 58 602 477
Fax: +359 58 777 444

     Founded in 1902, Dobrudzhanski Zvutsi choir is one of the veterans of choral singing in Bulgaria. It has been conducted by some of the most distinguished Bulgarian musicians. Maestro Zahari Mednikarov has been the choir's conductor since 1952, and Elvira Pastarmadzhieva - since 2004.

The choir's repertoire boasts dozens of Bulgarian and foreign works, orthodox singing and oratorios.

The choir has done tours of Russia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Britain, Greece, and France. It has won prizes in all national festivals, as well as gold medals and international awards in Arezzo, Itali and Llangollen, Britain.

Female Teachers' Choir - Dobrich 
Rayko Tonev - Conductor
Tel: +359 58 604 309; 603 095

     Хор на учителките
     The choir was founded in 1966. It has given successful concerts in Bulgaria and abroad.
Prize winner at the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th national festivals, the choir has also won gold medals. For the 1300th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian state, the choir was presented with the medal for services to the Bulgarian army. It also holds and award certificate from the TEHO choral festival in Tetovo, Macedonia in 1997.
The choir has done tours of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Dobrudzha Professional Folk Ensemble
Stoyan Gospodinov - Artistic manager
Tel: +359 58 600 844

     Dobrudzha Folk Ensemble was founded in 1954. It soon won recognition as one of the best folk ensembles in Bulgaria. Some of its performances were included in Marcel Cellier's Le Mistere des Voix Bulgares CD, and in The Magical Voices of Bulgaria CD produced by the Belgian label Slavia Production.

The orchestra plays traditional Bulgarian instruments such as the pipe, bagpipe, rebec (gadulka), bandore (tambura), and drum.

Dobrudzha ensemble has been taking active participation in Bulgaria's cultural life. It has had successful tours in France, Belgium, Russia, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, etc.


Yordan Yovkov Drama Theatre
Ivan Mandev - Director
Tel: +359 58 605 313; Fax: +359 58 605 209
+359 58 605 706 - ‘Organization' Department


     Драматичен театър The theatre was founded in 1928 by Atanas Popov. In 1938 it closed and was re-opened by Atanas Popov in 1940, under the name Municipal People's Theatre. The lives of many praiseworthy masters of stage arts have been dedicated to this institution. Over 350 plays have been staged since the first performance. 300 actors, 50 directors, 14 scenographers, 14 art managers, and over 300 other staff have worked for the theatre.




Dora Gabbe State Puppet Theatre
Peter Petkov - Director
Tel: +359 58 602 483

Founded: 01.01.1963 as a professional theatre

Staged plays: over 120


  • 4th national competition for puppet theatres - Sofia 1985
  • Varna 1990 - Gold Dolphin award
  • Varna 1996
  • Varna 1998 - Gold Dolphin award

Tours: Russia, Croatia, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Spain, and Afghanistan

Youth Home - Dobrich
Mimi Ivanova - Director
Tel: +359 58 602 535

Общински младежки център The Youth Home operates schools, clubs, and studios where young people study, develop their talents, and have fun.

Available schools and clubs: Dobrotitsa ensemble, Pop-rock club, art clubs, modern ballet dancing, language schools, sports dances, hip-hop club, rock club, marksmanship, ‘Friends of UNICEF' club, children's theatrical studio, experimental theatrical studio, children's music studio.

Events organized by Youth home - Dobrich: national tournament for sports dances; European youth pop-rock competition Sarandev.


Art Gallery

Evelina Handzhieva - Director
No. 14, Bulgaria Street
Dobrich 9300
Tel: +359 58 602 215; 602 091

Художествена галерия Добрич - централен входThe art gallery of Dobrich is over 35 years old and has the status of a city art museum. It features over 3,000 works of art - paintings, sculptures, black and white drawings, figurines and works of plastic arts by artists of various generations.
The works are exhibited in one of the stateliest buildings - a monument of architecture built in the 1930s. The art gallery boasts masters such as Mrkviska, Vladimir Dimitrov - Maystora (Vladimir ‘the Master' Dimitrov), Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Bencho Obreshkov, Alexander Petrov, Vasil Zahariev, Pencho Balkanski, Dechko Uzunov, etc. A number of traveling exhibitions from France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Cuba, etc. have been displayed here. The art gallery is a venue for concerts, video presentations, recitations and meetings. Visitors to Dobrich take particular interest in the resident exhibitions ‘Old masters' and ‘Modern artists'. The art gallery organizes the international plein air ‘Paper', and has published the catalogues of the exhibitions held from 1996 to 2003. A catalogue of the gallery is also available.

Artists' Association - Dobrich
Bojidar Tonev - Chairman

      The association was founded in 1964. Over the decades it has organized more than 30 regional exhibitions, and has participated, together with the Union of Bulgarian Artists, in the organization of the biennales in 1968 and 1970, as well as the artistic exhibitions ‘The Earth and Its People' in Dobrich, in 1972, 1977, 1982, and 1987. The association has assisted its members in exhibiting their works at a number of one-man, general, specialized, and international exhibitions and plein airs.

      The Artists' Association of Dobrich has a small gallery and a club at No. 3, 25th September Boulevard.

"Studio 13Artists' Association
Hristo Kralev - Chairman

      The association was founded in 1992. It has organized a number of exhibitions in Sofia (Gallery for Foreign Art), Plovdiv (City Art Gallery), Varna (City Art Gallery), and Albena (Style Gallery).

     The members of Studio 13 have had fifty one-man exhibitions in the country and abroad, and have participated in a number of artistic forums. The plein air in the village of Pirgovo, near the town of Ruse, is their initiative.

Writers' Association - Dobrich
Sasho Serafimov - Chairman
No. 44, 25th September Boulevard
Dobrich 9300
Tel: +359 58 603 661

      The writers' association of Dobrich has been around since 1979. It is the successor of the literary circle Klasove (Wheat-ears). The association has 35 members - poets and fiction writers. It publishes The Antimovski Han (The Inn at Antimovo) - a newspaper for people interested in culture and art.