The Festivals of Dobrich

Yordan Yovkov Literary Celebrations
Yordan Yovkov Award for Literary Merit
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Yordan Yovkov Literary Celebrations are held every five years. They are a series of cultural events dedicated to Yordan Yovkov - ‘the singer of Dobrudzha'. The climax of the event is the all-town meeting when the winner of the Yordan Yovkov Award for Literary Merit is announced.

The award was constituted in 1970 as a manifestation of the respect which the people of Dobrudzha feel for the great writer. The award is bestowed to Bulgarian authors, successors to Yordan Yovkov's literary tradition, for their contribution to modern Bulgarian literature. Over the years, the award has been won by Diko Fuchedzhiev, Emiliyan Stanev, Simeon Sultanov, Peter Slavinski, Iliya Volen, Ivaylo Petrov, Nikolay Haytov, Marko Semov, Ivan Sarandev, Anton Donchev, Yordan Dachev, and Atanas Tsonkov.

Another major event during the celebrations is the national scientific conference, dedicated to Yordan Yovkov's life and works. It is organized by the Historical Museum of Dobrich. The programme for the holidays also includes a number of book premieres, readings, performances, and exhibitions.
Yordan Yovkov Literary Celebrations are organized by Dobrich Municipality.

Sarandev European Pop Rock Competition - Dobrich
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Dobrich hosts and organizes one of the most popular music forums in Bulgaria - Sarandev European Pop Rock Competition. It is co-organized by the municipality and the Youth Home of Dobrich, under the patronage of the Mayor.

This festival is among the most prestigious forums for promising pop-rock performers - an event where they can communicate and match their artistic criteria and achievements. The competition's objectives are:
- providing an opportunity to young talented people
- creating musical pieces
- motivating the participants
- establishing contacts and finding out about new cultures

The motto of the competition is ‘Say No to drugs! Have no fear! Protect the environment! Save mankind!'

The competition has its own musical logo and the award is a statuette by Georgi Stefanov. The first festival was organized in 1988, and so far there have been 17 editions. Members of the international jury are reputable musicians from Russia, Greece, Romania, Israel, Georgia, etc.

Sarandev European Pop Rock Competition features a number of accompanying events, too. The Organizational Committee gives bands, dance troupes, solo singers and musicians the opportunity to participate in the outdoor and indoor events, eco-initiatives, dance parties ‘Together Against Drugs', sightseeing and cultural tours, exhibitions, etc.

Folklore Without Borders International Youth Music Festival
Dobrich - Albena Resort

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The festival is a forum for singers, musicians, chamber orchestras, choirs, bands and ensembles, and is held annually in Dobrich and Albena Resort in the month of June.

Organizers: Dobrich Municipality, Romantic Travel Tourist Agency - Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Albena Resort. Credits also go to the Ministry of Culture - the National Centre for Music and Dance, the Union of Bulgarian Composers, and the Union of Bulgarian Performing Artists.

The international jury consists of outstanding specialists from Bulgaria, Russia, and Macedonia.

Founded in 2001 as a festival of the unique and eternal folk traditions, it aims at motivating young performing artists and preserving the traditions in today's globalization era.

Folklore Without Borders has two sides - it is a competition and a festive event.

The competition is for the singers and musicians, divided in three age groups between 10 and 35, and in eight categories. Up to now, over 1540 performing artists from Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, the USA, France, Australia, Russia, Tatarstan, Kalmikia, and Yakutia have participated in the festival-competition.

Zahari Mednikarov International Festival of Children's Choirs

The festival is in the framework of the Friends of Bulgaria International Children's Festival. Goals of the festival:

- popularizing the traditions and achievements of the Bulgarian choral art and composers
- demonstrating the mastership of the young talents
- providing opportunities for development to both performers and their teachers

The festival takes place in June every year in Dobrich and Albena Resort. It is named after the outstanding conductor Maestro Zahari Mednikarov. Born in Dobrich, for many years now he has been the chief artistic director of the local children's choir, the Dobrudzhanski Zvutsi choir. The maestro is an honorary citizen of Dobrich.






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The festival is held annually, in the first half of September. It is a festival of classical music, where hundreds of musicians from all corners of the world get together to communicate by means of art and match their artistic criteria and achievements. The event gives a powerful impetus to many young, promising musicians. For the best among them, it is a stepping stone in a successful career.

Organizers: Dobrich Municipality, Romantic Travel Tourist Agency - Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Albena Resort. Credits also go to the Ministry of Culture - the National Centre for Music and Dance.

The event's program includes competition matinees and evening concerts, which are scheduled simultaneously with concerts of prize winners, master classes, meetings, and the unique concert of the musicians in the jury, conducted by Professor Victor Chuchkov. For the last ten years, over 2,600 participants from 25 different countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia have taken part in the festival.


Paper International Exhibition

Since 1996, the Ministry of Culture, Dobrich Municipality, and Art Gallery - Dobrich have been organizing an annual international project titled ‘Paper'. Each year artists who like to experiment get together and create artistic pieces out of paper. So far the forum has been attended by artists from Korea, France, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Switzerland, Bosnia-Hertsegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Belarus, etc. The program of the workshop includes visits to galleries and museums, and presentations of the artists' work by means of multimedia equipment, printed materials, and performances. The main goal of the project is to diversify the possible uses of paper as an artistic means. For these artists, paper is their basic raw material.
In 2005 the international project was transformed into the international biennale ‘Paper'. The event will be organized every two years under the patronage of the Mayor of Dobrich.
Organizers: Dobrich Municipality, Art Gallery - Dobrich, Ministry of Culture, and the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
The transformation of the project will give the participants, belonging to different art schools, more opportunities for experimenting with new ideas and unconventional techniques. Art Gallery - Dobrich will turn into a focal point for this peculiar art form.


Dora Gabbe Literary Celebrations
Dora Gabbe National Award for Literary Merit

The literary holidays were started in 2003 - the 115th anniversary of the birth of Dora Gabbe, poetess, translator, and social activist who was born and brought up in Dobridzha.
The same year, as a token of our gratitude and love of the great poetess, the Municipal Council of Dobrich constituted a national award for literary merit. The award is bestowed every five years to writers who have had considerable impact on Bulgarian literature, and have contributed to its achievements.
The first to be awarded were Elka Nyagolova (poetess), Plamak (Flame) Publishing House and its director Mr. Georgi Konstantinov, and Ivan Atanasov (poet).
The program of the event includes book premieres, performances and public readings.

The Week of the Chamber Music
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The week of the chamber music has been a long-standing tradition in Dobrich. It all started in the 1970s when Professor Konstantine Iliev and Maestro Yordan Dafof founded a festival called the Week of the Chamber Music.
The first edition took place in May 1975. Over the years, a number of reputable musicians such as Marta Deyanova, Nikolay Evrov, Anton Dikov, Stoyka Milanova, Mincho Minchev, Victor Chuchkov, Yosif Radionov, and Georgi Spasov have entertained the art-loving audiences of Dobrich.
Quartets Eolina, Tilev, Valchev, Dimov, and Sofia Chamber Orchestra have also performed on the stage in Dobrich.
Some other successful performers have been Sofia Soloists orchestra, and the chamber orchestras of Gabrovo, Yambol, Dobrich, and Blagoevgrad.
The local music lovers have enjoyed performances conducted by Konstantin Iliev, Vasil Kazandzhiev, Emil Tabakov, and Milko Kolarov. The year 1988 saw the last edition of the festival.
About fifteen years later, in May 2002, the Municipality of Dobrich and the local Music House Katlin revived the event. Now the tradition continues, and the audiences enjoy the concerts of outstanding orchestras and soloists.
The Week of the Chamber Music has become a festival of national importance. Through a number of accompanying events, the organizers contribute to a richer musical calendar of the town, support the talented young musicians of Dobrich, and assist the creation of more synthetic art forms.