Education in Dobrich

The activities of the Department of "Education and Culture" in secondary education are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act, the Regulations implementing the Education Act and are consistent with the educational policy of Dobrich Municipality. Educational policy of General conciders  socio-economic characteristics of modern society as well as prospects for future development. In this sense today it is important to reconsider the capicity of Bulgarian schools to respond to the new challenges adequately.

The existing school network in the city sufficiently meets the interests of young people as well as the needs of economy.

At this stage the territorial model meets the need of accessibility. There is a secondary school in each sub region of the city, wiich is near student's place of residence. This allows free and compulsory education for all.

It is the manager's office "Humanitarian Activities"-Section "Education and Culture" Dobrich, that is specialized authority for management of municipal kindergartens and schools. It is located at:

Dobrich, st. "Nezvisimost"  7

Neicho Neychev - Head of "Education and Culture"

Tel :/ Fax: 602-472

tel :/ plant 603-325

At  the beginning of 2014/2015, the education network in the city of Dobrich, includes 17  kindergartens, 7 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 specialized schools,  7  vocational schools, a sport school, a subsidiary school, 2 private schools, student dormitories , a dormitory and Municipal Youth Center "Zahari Stoyanov".

The number of pupils in primary schools is 2299 and the number of classes 103.

In 5 secondary schools, a sports schools and 3 specialized high schools ar trained  6003 students in 265 classes. Profile subjects in the schools: Humanities, Sciences, Foreign Language and Technology. Profile subjects such as Music, Art and Sport are also available to choose.

From the approved state plan for the admission of pupils on completion of seventh grade in local schools, including 16 classes were implemented 15. After completing basic education are formed 3 classes.

In market conditions vocational education in  municipality is held in 7 vocational schools located in different areas of the city. During the school year 2014/2015 1604 students are trained in 25 majors and professions in 75 classes. Each professional school has its own building and facilities for practical training. Private schools in the territory of Dobrich are 2 with a total of 95 students  in 16 classes.

Distance Learning Centre of Technical University - Varna
Programmes: Management, Industrial management, Business administration.

University of Shumen ‘Ep. K. Preslavski' - College in Dobrich
Programmes: Pre-school pedagogics and foreign languages, Primary school pedagogics and foreign languages, Design and technology, Art, Information technology, Library operations, Farming (specialization in agricultural economics and rural tourism), Public administration, Public Relations, Tourism.

Varna University of Management
Programmes: Marketing and management of the hospitality industry, Marketing and management, Agricultural economics, Hotel management, International business and management.