• Air

In the municipality of Dobrich, the quality of atmospheric air is monitored by the mobile station for emission control of the Regional Inspectorate for the Environment and Water Resources (RIEWR) - Varna. The station is equipped with automatic monitoring devices measuring the quantities of carbon oxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfuric dioxide, and fine dust particles.

The municipality is implementing a program for decreasing the quantities of dust particles, which was adopted by the municipal council in 2003.

  • Water resources

Surface water resources are insufficient in the region. The town is supplied with water from drill wells and water catchment areas located near the town. Eight pumping stations provide bacteria-free drinking water which does not even need further treatment.

The water sources are in constant operation. A security area surrounds each source, and the water distribution is controlled by computers. The municipality boasts a complete water supply network.

  • Noise

In the municipality of Dobrich, there are three sources of noise - the industries, the households, and the construction works. Street noise is measured at over 20 sites. The high levels of noise in the industrial areas affect only the people working there. The levels of noise in the residential areas situated away from the town centre are quite acceptable, and the lowest levels can be found in the town parks.

  • Green areas

The municipal Green System Plan examines the status of the existing urban and suburban green areas, as well as the variety of the plant species. The Green System includes the following categories of green areas: public parks and gardens, special parks and gardens, sanitary/protective greening, transportation greening (streets and roads), and limited-usage greening.

  • Waste

The types of waste in the municipality can be defined as household, construction, industrial, and hazardous waste. Waste accumulation is around the average for the country. However, it is twice as much as that in the developed countries. The industrial waste is varied.

Due to the economic crisis after 1989, industrial activity in the region subsided.

In March 2000, the activities related to waste collection and transportation were taken over by Scheele Bulgaria, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scheele.

All waste is dumped in the waste depot near the village of Bogdan, located about 5 km away from the town of Dobrich.